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Christian Mandeville July 14, 2023
"Pizza is amazing their price is a little high but it's really good food their cakes and pies are so good too just wish they stayed open longer hours"
Thomas Fortenberry July 8, 2023
"Owners and food was amazing"
Matthew Winkler July 6, 2023
"Purveyors of an uncommonly fine loco moco, to date the best I've found on the BI. Not just a "southernmost restaurant in the US" gimmick place. Great vibe, good food."
E Clayton July 2, 2023
"This is our 4th trip to Hawaii and 3rd to Big Island. We make it a point to support the local businesses and Hana Hou didn’t disappoint. The negative reviews must be from some seriously entitled individuals because we received great service and the food was excellent. The atmosphere was nice and quiet, even when families with children arrived. Highly recommended and will definitely eat there again."
Mike McG July 2, 2023
"A great place to stop and eat. It’s been the best food I’ve had for my 10 day stay in the islands. Everyone in our party was extremely happy."
Tatiana batluk July 1, 2023
"Lobster pizza like I never had before! Sooooo soooo tasty and huge. 3 people could be easily fed and believe me i eat a lot 😆 Lilikoi drink was amazing too. Long drive from Hilo side make it worth. Will definetely come again."